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Bridging Finance

For businesses looking for short-term finance or auction finance, bridging loans offer a greater solution for a number of scenarios. Book a consultation to speak with our experts today!

Bridging Finance Made Simple

Bridging finance is a way of purchasing property or raising funds quickly for any urgent and potentially short-lived situations. It can be useful for businesses for a number of different circumstances, such as:

  • Auction purchases
  • Paying an urgent debt
  • Property conversion
  • Property purchase or refinance 
  • Cash flow injection
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Lending Requirements

Lenders will take several factors into account when considering your application. Typically, they will need to know:

  • What the funding is required for.
  • The likely term of the loan.
  • How the loan will be repaid. 

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Besides the lending requirements, there is one key point to remember when considering a bridging finance application. Short-term finance is always more expensive than longer-term funding, so you will need to think carefully about your options. 

Why Choose Pomegranate Financial Services?

At Pomegranate Financial Services, we offer expert advice for all your bridging finance needs. We are FCA regulated and we build relationships based on trust. We offer:

Experts On Your Side

At Pomegranate, we have a nationwide reach with access to a network of reliable lenders. We build authentic relationships every day built on trust.

Immediate Access To Funds And Finance

If you are looking for immediate access to finance for real estate, our commercial bridging service is a brilliant solution. Get the capital you need when you need it, with Pomegranate.

Flexible Repayment Options

Repayment terms for bridging finance can vary, often in our clients’ favour! Full payment can be scheduled for the end of the term, or during the term based on interest only.

Property Acquisition And Development

Our real estate clients can acquire property including commercial buildings and sites for renovations and refurbishments.

Available To A Wide Variety Of Clients

Even if your creditworthiness is less than perfect, bridging finance is a flexible and viable option for many of our clients. Your credit history is of lesser concern with this form of finance.

Frequently Asked Questions

See some of our most frequently asked regarding bridging finance below. If there’s anything you can’t find the answer for, feel free to get in touch with our expert team directly!

What is the difference between commercial bridging and development finance?

Although these two terms are similar, both short term financial solutions in relation to property and development, the way in which the funds are released can vary.

Development finance lenders track progress using surveyors and how much of the project has been completed. Commercial bridging lenders use a monitoring surveyor to assess how much value has been added since the last stage of release.

How long can I borrow for with commercial bridging?

Commercial bridging is a short term financial solution which can last anywhere from two up to eighteen months and more.

Larger scale development projects will be assessed at application and typically be arranged over a longer term. Smaller scale projects will be negotiated over a shorter term.

Do you offer other financial services?

We are experts in finance. As such, we tailor our services to suit your individual business needs. In addition to commercial bridging, we also offer SME funding, unsecured funding, debt refinancing, debt consolidation, invoice finance, asset finance, healthcare finance, trade and stock finance, foreign exchange and government grants as well as focusing on specialist areas.

What types of bridging loans are available?

There are a number of types of bridging loans that are available which cover different stages of the process. Premium residential bridging loans, standard residential, auction finance and development exit loans are just a few examples.

Book a consultation with us today to discuss the most suitable options for you.

What areas do you cover?

We are based in Manchester, Liverpool and London and we cover clients all over the UK. Get in touch with us today, wherever you are based!

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