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Commercial Buy-To-Let Mortgages

Finance for businesses looking to purchase and let out a number of business or residential properties. 

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Integral & Honest Assistance With Buy-To-Let Mortgages

Commercial Buy To Let mortgages allow you to fund properties to rent out to businesses or individuals. We will look to package a funding requirement for Buy-To-Let landlords and investors, portfolio landlords, landlords investing via a limited company and HMO (House of Multiple Occupancy) landlords.

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Lending Requirements:

There are several factors that lenders will take into consideration when reviewing your commercial Buy To Let mortgage application. Typically, lenders are looking for:

  • Proof that you can let out your property and cover the interest or capital and interest repayments on the mortgage.
  • Confirmation of any income in addition to the income from the rentals.
  • Business acumen.

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Things To Consider

  • Repayment is often suited to investors using the property as an alternative pension plan or looking to build a small portfolio as they have certainty that the mortgage will be repaid at the end of the term.
  • Interest-only repayment is more popular with professional landlords and property investors as it allows them to have the cash flow to continue to grow their portfolio.

Why Choose Pomegranate Financial Services?

At Pomegranate Financial Services, we offer expert advice for all your commercial Buy-To-Let mortgage needs. We are FCA regulated and we build relationships based on trust. We offer:

Expert Assistance With Your Buy-To-Let Application

We will assess mortgage options from a range of different lenders. We’ll assess the whole market for lenders that best suit your needs, developing advice that’s right for you.

Negotiations On Your Behalf

We are a full service brokerage firm. We can conduct negotiations on your behalf, and help you complete the necessary paperwork for faster turnarounds.

Exclusive Deals

We use the very latest Abstractus technology to assess the competition and offer you the latest deals. Our Buy To Let mortgages are significantly cheaper than you will find elsewhere.

Access To A Wide Network Of Lenders

As a leading brokerage firm, we have access to reliable lenders all over the country. Access our nationwide reach for Buy To Let mortgages and choose us today.

We’re Up To Date With The Latest Market Trends

In an unpredictable market, you’ll want expert assistance with keeping on top of all the latest trends. We can give you the best chance for success with your Buy To Let mortgage.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve listed a few of the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding commercial mortgages. If there’s anything that has not been answered below, feel free to contact our expert team directly for more information.

Are interest rates higher for commercial buy-to-let mortgages?

Typically yes, commercial mortgages have higher rates of interest than private ones. Factors that can affect the interest rates of commercial mortgages include your business’s creditworthiness, the property’s location and the market conditions at the time.

Are commercial buy-to-let mortgages regulated?

Residential mortgages are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), who we ourselves are regulated by and work in partnership with. There is typically less regulation associated with commercial mortgages. Book a consultation today or contact our team to discuss the process in greater detail.

How long do commercial buy-to-let mortgages typically last?

Exactly as with a home mortgage, the repayment terms can vary from business to business from anywhere between five to thirty years. Get in touch with our team to discuss the likely repayment term for your own business.

Is there a limit to the amount of buy-to-let mortgages I can apply for?

There is no legal limit on the number of commercial buy-to-let mortgages you can apply for, but certain lenders will have restrictions regarding applying for more than one. If you have any existing buy-to-let mortgages, other lenders may be less inclined to consider your application.

What other financial services do you provide?

We are a full service brokerage firm and can assist with a wide variety of funding, exchange and grant services for your business. In addition to commercial mortgages and CIPS and SSAS loans, we also offer SME funding, unsecured funding, debt refinancing and consolidation and a range of other services tailored to your business needs.

We have offices in major commercial hubs all over the country. Book a consultation with a member of our expert team today to get your journey started.

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